Ms. Topolski

Welcome to Ms. Topolski's Classroom!

Fifth Grade DARE Graduation

Fifth graders are currently working on the DARE program.  As part of their graduation ceremony, students will be singing two songs.  They will be singing the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key and Feelin' Good by Teresa Jennings.  Due to copyright, there are no videos for Feelin' Good available online, but students may sign out music if they want to practice at home.  Students may use the following video to practice the Star Spangled Banner:  Star Spangled Banner

Mr. Loux's Puppet Project

Mr. Loux's class has been working on a very special project!  We have been studying Mozart's The Magic Flute. We read the story, listened to the music, and have been creating our own sock puppets!  They even built the stage (with help of course)!  The students will be practicing the opera, in sock puppet style, and performing it for the kindergarten classes.  Watch out for a date announcement!
Magic Lady Puppet
Dragon Puppet
Magic Lady puppet
Puppet Stage

2006-2007 Bennett Elementary Chorus at Providence Bruins